The process of organizing medical treatment

When patients decide to get treatment abroad, they are anxious about the difficulties they are going to face ahead. And that is understandable: there are tons of misleading loud ads and information online telling you where to get the best treatment. People around you also seem to have very strong opinions on the subject that usually have little to do with the reality. Not to mention that time is often of the essence. So we’re talking about a very complicated and stressful situation here.

Medilooker Will Help You!

The unique expertise of the creators and staff of Medilooker is exactly what will help you get all the information you need and lighten a dire situation. With our help, you’ll pick the best offer for treatment in the shortest possible time. A specialist with the best successful treatment chances.

Contact us and you’ll get:

  • Several estimates for treatment from different countries (as appropriate)
  • Ongoing support and feedback, no questions left unanswered
  • Quick information and travel arrangement

Our Treatment Application Process

  1. Contact us whichever way suits you best—you’ll find them listed on the website.
  2. Send us your documents (clinical report, examination results) for review (we accept documents in Russian, English and German)
  3. We process documents and provide preliminary information about treatment options and costs
  4. We send you estimates for the examination and treatment, as well as the cost of additional arrangement services (in some countries, these costs are separated from the actual treatment)
  5. Then we arrange your visit as soon as possible.

Everything we do is highly professional — contact us and see for yourself.