Israeli hospitals

The Israeli healthcare system is considered one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world. Patients come to Israel hoping to find a cure, even in the most severe cases. The Israeli healthcare system has the following benefits:

  • Close cooperation of medical centers and research institutes: the patient can undergo treatment there and get advanced results thanks to innovative treatment methods not available in other countries.
  • Multidisciplinarity of the medical institutions – you can receive medical help of any kind. There are very few centers providing only highly specialized services.
  • Each patient is treated by a team of the best doctors of various specialties. This eliminates the risk of diagnostic and therapeutic errors while examining and interpreting the data obtained.
  • Doctors prefer minimally invasive methods of diagnosis and treatment. Great attention is paid to the comfort of patients. Microsurgical and endoscopic surgical interventions, widely performed by Israeli doctors, do not require a long recovery. The patient returns to everyday life quickly.
  • Doctors are very responsible for therapy and diagnostics. Almost all of them have a scientific degree and extensive work experience. Israeli leading doctors are studied and trained in the world’s best clinics.
  • All treatment is carried out according to world quality standards: patients receive only the medications, effectiveness, and safety proven by qualitative studies. The need for surgical treatment also needs to be justified beyond any doubt.

The patient does not need to make great efforts to go for treatment in Israel: just leave an application on the website, and the specialists will contact you to clarify all the details. Also, there is an opportunity to perform an online consultation. Most of the organizational issues are taken over by our company.

The cost of medical services in Israel is fully consistent with the quality: this is confirmed by many positive reviews of the patients who visited Israel. The cost estimate calculation can be requested in advance by sending all available medical documentation for the online consultation.

Clinics in Israel

All medical centers provide qualified medical care to patients. There are some of the most popular clinics among both residents and foreign patients.

Ichilov Clinic (Sourasky Medical Center) – Ichilov Hospital

One of the most popular clinics in Israel is located in Tel Aviv. This multidisciplinary medical center has 43 inpatient departments designed for more than a thousand patients.

The Ichilov Clinic employs full-time professors and leading specialists known as the world’s best doctors. Patients can expect high-quality medical care achieved through the use of the latest medical technologies. There is no language barrier, as patients can communicate with the clinic staff in English. Also, interpreters for any language can be supplied by our company.

Assuta Clinic – Assuta Medical Center

It is the largest private medical clinic in Israel, and it’s located in Tel Aviv. Its modern buildings were built here only recently. It has breakthrough medical equipment installed following the highest standards. All wards for inpatient treatment are equipped with TVs, Internet, air conditioning, and refrigerators.

Operating rooms are equipped with robotic technology, allowing them to make high-tech surgical interventions with minimal invasion. The doctors use an individual approach. There are no single treatment regimens in the clinic, each patient undergoes selected personal therapy, most reasonable for his/her case. In difficult cases, doctors work together with foreign doctors, invited to Israel on a contract basis.

Sheba Clinic (Sheba Medical Center) – Sheba Medical Center

The hospital has a large base for scientific research: about 25% of them are carried out in Israel at the Sheba clinic. This medical institution is the base center for students’ and doctors’ training. There is also an opportunity for extensive scientific research and experiments. For this reason, the clinic is one of the first to test unique technologies for diagnosing and treating patients.

At Sheba Medical Center, treatment for the youngest patients is provided through the “Safra” medical center, located on the territory of the Sheba Hospital. This hospital is dedicated to children and their families and is completely separated from adult patients, but it has all the same specializations presented in the adult clinical hospital. Here, young patients can get high-quality multidisciplinary medical care from world-famous pediatric doctors.

Hadassah University Hospital – Hadassah Medical Center

This clinic is considered one of the largest Israeli medical centers, designed for more than a thousand patients. It has become popular among local and foreign patients. About 500 million dollars are allocated for the implementation of all medical services. The clinic is multidisciplinary, so patients with any kind of disease can find qualified assistance and undergo treatment and examination.

Hadassah is one of the greatest research centers. Hadassah researchers publish 500 to 700 scientific papers annually and have hundreds of patents for diagnostic and therapeutic devices. Doctors successfully apply their innovations in practice and often make breakthroughs in oncology, oncohematology, cardiology, and other fields of medicine.