Treatment in Raanana

Raanana is a beautiful Israeli city located in the southern region of the Sharon Plain. Its history goes back to 1912 when the Company for Jewish Settlement in Israel formed the Ahuza A – New York group intending to buy land for agricultural settlement in Israel. The advent of World War I delayed those plans by about a decade. Still, on April 2, 1922, the first group of these settlers – four Ahuza members, three laborers, and two armed guards – arrived by wagon in the area that would eventually become Ra’anana.

Most of the population of Ra’anana were born in Israel, and descendants of repatriates moved from European countries and America. The city received the name Raanana (“fresh”) from the Jews who settled there. Since the settlers were Americans and the English speech prevailed, the Arab neighbors called the region “Americaia”.

Today, an industrial park is located on the territory of the Israeli city, which WHO recognizes as a “Green City” and is a significant place for start-up companies.


According to information from the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, at the end of 2020, the population of Ra’anana was about 75 thousand people. Ra’anana’s population consists mainly of native-born Israelis, but about 22% of the city’s residents are immigrants to Israel. It is home to many immigrants from English-speaking countries, a significant number of immigrants from Latin America, and also absorbed large numbers of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. In recent years the number of French immigrants is also on the rise.

Most Ra’anana residents are secular, but there is also a sizeable religious community, mainly consisting of Modern Orthodox Jews.


When it comes to medical help, a unique Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center is located in Raanana. This rehabilitation center is considered to be the best in the world. It is owned by the largest insurance company in Israel. Rehabilitation of patients from different parts of the world is carried out here.

Indications for treatment in the clinic are:

  • various injuries, in particular, spinal cord injury;
  • recovery from coma, with minimal consciousness;
  • stroke;
  • rehabilitation of children from 3 years old and adolescents;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • chronic pain;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • sexual dysfunction, etc.

Rehabilitation is carried out by the best Israeli specialists using innovative technologies: Armeo Power System, anti-gravity track, Lokomat robotic apparatus, Posturograph computerized system, virtual reality, and many others.

The Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center has received JCI accreditation, confirming the highest quality of the provided services and patient safety.

Hospitals — 1

Loewenstein Hospital for rehabilitation

Raanana, Israel

Quick response time

High demand among patients

  • 1958 – foundation year
  • 12 000 patients per annum
  • 300 beds
  • 47 specialists

The Israeli Rehabilitation Center “Loewenstein”, located in Raanana near Tel Aviv, began its work in 1958. Initially, this clinic’s main goal was restoring and returning to the everyday life of soldiers with severe injuries, including those after limb amputations. After a certain time, civilians began to come here for rehabilitation.

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