Treatment in Petah-Tikva

Petah Tikva is one of the largest cities in Israel, located near Tel Aviv. The city is not considered a resort though it is just 20 minute drive from the Mediterranean beach. If tourists come to the city, treatment becomes their main goal. One of the leading oncological centers in the area is the Davidov Cancer Center, which is part of a multidisciplinary state medical complex.

The city’s history begins in the Bronze Age, as evidenced by the numerous finds of those times within the boundaries of Petah Tikva. Also, parts of the Crusader castle were excavated in 2006, 2009, and 2010.

Petah Tikva means “Opening of Hope/Gate of Hope”, and the name itself is taken from the holy book of the prophet Hosea. The city began its development as an agricultural settlement. The first founders were Jews from Jerusalem – they dug wells and plowed the land, but their families still lived in Jerusalem. The settlers had to fight the attacks of the Arabs who lived nearby.

The colony became more stable with funding for swamp drainage provided by Baron Edmond de Rothschild (a member of a European banker dynasty). Thanks to his support, schools began to appear in the city, a synagogue was built, and swamps were drained. With his help, local settlers began to engage in winemaking and gardening. Rothschild provided significant financial support and helped to raise the economy, after which a small settlement grew into the city of Petah Tikva.

The past wars have fundamentally undermined the city’s economy. Population growth and the city’s development rapidly went up in the 40s, and in 1950 there were more than 200 factories and workshops. However, despite all the hardships and troubles, Petah Tikva was the largest importer of citrus fruits.


According to the data of the Central Security Service of Israel, at the beginning of 2020, Petah Tikva estimated population totaled 230 thousand people. More than 90% of them were Jews. There are 59 elementary schools and 51 middle and high schools in the city. 75% of the population have high school diplomas, and 30% have a university degree.

Medical institutions

Six hospitals are located in the city. The Rabin Medical Center Beilinson is one of the country’s most modern and largest complexes. The complex includes the Beilinson Medical Center, the Davidoff Oncologic Center, the Geha Psychiatric Hospital, the Schneider Pediatric Hospital, and Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Medical Research. There are 37 operating units and more than 4,000 employees; about a thousand are top-level specialists with world-famous names and extensive experience.

The clinic is a seven-story building. Each ward has a bed for a child and a bed for parents.

The Yitzhak Rabin Medical Center specializes in diagnostics and treatment in orthopedics, urology, surgery, IVF, gynecology, oncological gynecology, hematology, etc.

Scientific research is carried out in the center, often in cooperation with the major medical centers in European countries.

Hospitals — 1

Davidoff Cancer Center

Petah-Tikva, Israel

Average speed of response

Average level of demand

  • 40 operating rooms
  • 30 000 surgeries annually
  • 5 000 staff
  • 1 000 medical specialists

In the Davidov Medical Center in Israel, cancer patients can receive qualified treatment, regardless of how advanced the disease is, the number, and the localization of pathological formations. The clinic is located in the central part of the country, in Petah Tikva, part of the Yitzhak Rabin complex, and the Beilinson hospital. For more than 14 years of work, thousands of patients have been helped here, including those who arrived for diagnosis and treatment abroad.

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