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Herzliya is a famous resort town in Israel, located on the Mediterranean coast, not far from Tel Aviv. The city was founded in 1924 as a semi-cooperative farming community by seven American Jews and named after Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism. The seven stars on the Emblem of Herzliya symbolize the beginning of its history. However, according to another theory, seven stars are seven work hours that Jews should work a day, according to Theodor Herzl.

Sharon Plain’s fertile farmland gives way to growing agricultural settlements needed for life and work. Over time, industrial areas began to grow.

Herzliya’s rapid development and prosperity began after the Arab-Israeli war for independence. Upon the establishment of the state in 1948, Herzliya was a town of 5,300. Large numbers of immigrants settled there within a few years. In 1960, when the population reached 25,000, Herzliya has declared a city and began developing as an important tourist center.

It is worth mentioning the glorious, prosperous city of Arsuf (Apollonia), which was located in this area from the first millennium until the thirteenth century. To this day, archeologists find the ruins of ancient settlements within the city.


According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, Herzliya’s population was over 96,000 as of January 2020. Residents of Herzliya are among the wealthiest in Israel. In 2002, average monthly salaries were $3,700, or about $1,500 above average in a survey of Israel’s 15 largest cities.


Herzliya is home to the largest multidisciplinary medical complex in Israel – Herzliya Medical Center. The center was founded in the early 80s, and at the moment, the clinic has eight operating units.

Herzliya Medical Center is within walking distance from the Sharon Hotel, which makes it especially attractive for tourists who want to improve their health and enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate.

The most promising and developed directions of the medical center are:

  • cardiology;
  • gastroenterology;
  • ECO;
  • cardiovascular surgery;
  • general surgery, etc.

The Medical Center is the first private medical institution to receive the right to perform cardiac surgery, including coronary artery bypass grafting.

Orthopedic and cardiological centers are located on the territory of the medical complex.

Herzliya Medical Center provides hospitalization and subsequent treatment of patients with psychiatric diseases. Complex surgical interventions are performed here, including organ transplantation and heart and brain surgery. If we talk about the leading fields and specializations of the center, we should note cardiac surgery.

The city has a leading diagnostic center with the latest equipment and a team of leading Israeli doctors. The center has a modern cytogenetic laboratory, allowing performing genetic tests.

The main advantage of Herzliya Medical Center is its highly qualified and educated staff. They prefer an individual approach to the treatment of each patient. The staff is friendly and attentive to each center guest and does their best to perform the most comfortable patient stay. All patients can undergo treatment at the clinic and get the right to choose the attending doctor.

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Herzliya medical center

Herzliya, Israel

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  • 550 specialists
  • 120 departments
  • 8 000 patients annually
  • 20 000 surgeries annually

Topping many popularity ratings among Israeli and foreign patients, Herzliya Medical Center is a new-generation medical facility where patients can expect prompt and qualified care at fair prices.

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