How to get medical treatment in Israel

In case of health problems, the patient and his relatives face a difficult task – to choose qualified doctors and a good hospital for the necessary diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation. The interest is increasingly shifting towards diagnostics and treatment in Israel, which may be significantly cheaper than in German or Austrian clinics, but at the same time, often are of higher quality. Yet several organizational and financial issues should be solved before the patient falls into the hands of Israeli doctors.

It is believed that such a trip abroad can be planned independently, but it is not as easy as it might seem at first sight. Knowing all the subtleties, you can decide whether you do it yourself or leave it to the professionals.

Reasons to consider going to Israel for treatment

Medicine in Israel is highly advanced and accessible to foreigners, so the patients flow to Israeli clinics is permanently growing. The most common reasons to consider going to Israel for treatment are:

  • difficulties in making a diagnosis;
  • the need to confirm a diagnosis;
  • preventive check-up;
  • consultation with a leading specialist in a particular field;
  • scheduled examination after surgery or a course of chemotherapy;
  • early diagnosis of oncological and other pathologies;
  • opportunity to get treatment with the latest technologies;
  • rehabilitation after injuries and past illnesses.

How to go to Israel for treatment without medical tourism facilitators, and is it worth it

The decision to take the organizational process into their own hands is caused by financial consideration (the main one) and the ability to consider all personal needs. It is impossible to do everything by yourself without a medical facilitator’s help (to some extent) since there are a lot of points that have to be taken care of:

  • search for the perfect field-specific clinic;
  • translation of documents to be sent to doctors for a preliminary consultation;
  • analysis of the received medical plan and cost calculation;
  • documents collecting and visa issues solving;
  • purchase of tickets, solving transfer and accommodation issues;
  • selection of the time of examinations and admission;
  • search for a qualified, experienced translator, and much more.

Do not forget about the issues that may arise during your stay abroad. There is always a chance that you will need to change your doctor or need an additional examination or consultation with doctors of other medical fields, etc.

As you can see, it is not easy to answer the question of how to get treatment in Israel. This is a very laborious and time-consuming process involving multiple parts (a doctor of the required specialization, the hospital administration, the Embassy, a ​​patient and his relatives, etc.). It seems impossible to cope with all matters independently – it takes much time and knowledge of the interaction mechanism between patients and local medical centers.

Foreign patients can leave the planning of a trip for treatment and diagnostics to intermediaries or specialized companies cooperating with Israeli clinics, such as Medilooker. This will be the best option because you will not only quickly overcome all the difficulties associated with obtaining a cost estimate and arriving for treatment but also get a chance to get reduced cost of the treatment. The major intermediaries have special agreements with Israeli medical centers, allowing them to provide medical services at a lower price.

Should I go to Israel for treatment: patients feedback

Almost everyone treated by Israeli doctors remains satisfied with the level of specialists’ qualifications, prices, attitude, work of the clinics, and the effectiveness of therapy. An additional advantage is the absence of a language barrier. Many people in Israel speak English, making you feel free to communicate with medical staff. Of course, we provide an interpreter if you need to communicate in another language.