Wunschbaby Institut Feichtinger

Vienna, Austria

Quick response time

High demand among patients

  • Founded in 1983
  • 6,000 children born through artificial insemination

Main Areas

Wunschbaby offers childless couples a wide range of services, from consultations and genetic tests to in-vitro fertilization itself. The clinic specializes in the following areas:

  • preventing the risk of miscarriage;
  • infertility treatment;
  • diagnosis of the embryo before implantation;
  • artificial insemination using various methods: IVF, IMSI, ICSI, etc.

The institution offers detailed diagnostics: ultrasound, spermogram, blood tests, etc. Quite often, after a thorough examination, doctors identify the pathology that is the cause of infertility. Therapeutic treatment helps solve the health problem, and the woman is able to get pregnant naturally.

In other cases, the patient undergoes additional examinations in preparation for artificial insemination. Either sperm from a regular partner or a donor can be used.

The woman spends 7 days as an outpatient, going through all artificial insemination procedures.

The Institute’s Achievements

The Institute for Sterility Care, renamed “Institute for the Desire to Have a Child” in 2002, has seen a lot of good things happen over the years:

  • The birth of the country’s first IVF baby
  • Targeted ultrasound during transvaginal follicle puncture with Kretz-Technik equipment
  • Assisted hatching techniques to facilitate implantation of the embryo into the uterine mucosa
  • Birth of the first baby using the ICSI method
  • Successful preimplantation diagnosis performed for the first time
  • More than 6,000 children born through artificial insemination
  • The world’s sixth “test-tube fertilization”.

Benefits of Treatment at the Institute

  • Individual approach to each couple, attentive, caring, and sensitive treatment by highly qualified medical staff
  • The high success rate of treatment and subsequent pregnancy (3 out of 4); pregnancy rate for women under 40: 82%
  • A well-coordinated team of doctors leveraging modern, constantly updated diagnostic and treatment equipment
  • Patients have doctor appointments enjoying a great environment in the clinic located in an elegant villa in a prestigious district of the Austrian capital, surrounded by comfort and absolute trust.


  • Wilfried Feichtinger is a professor and head of Wunschbaby, a renowned specialist who successfully treats infertility. He has ongoing research in the field of artificial insemination and improvement of the infertility treatment
  • Peter Kemeter is a gynecologist and department head at the clinic, with many years of experience in psychosomatic medicine
  • Markus Hengstschläger is a professor and head of the Genetics Department, which helps identify risk factors and offers patients treatment alternatives at a good time.

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