Vienna private clinic (Wiener Privatklinik)

Vienna, Austria

Quick response time

In high demand among patients

  • Founded in 1929
  • 7 specialized departments
  • 130 beds
  • 4 operating theatres

Clinic Overview

Today, Wiener Privatklinik is one of the country’s leading multidisciplinary medical centers; it offers various services and treatment programs in 7 wards. The hospital features four operating theaters and special rooms for patients requiring physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Patients can enjoy spacious single and double rooms that are furnished and equipped to the standard of a luxury hotel.

Austrians and foreigners alike can seek help here; the center’s staff will be happy to provide comprehensive consultations, treatment, and organizational assistance.

Here Are the Clinic’s Main Specialties

  • instrumental and laboratory diagnostics;
  • surgical treatment of internal organ pathologies;
  • neurosurgery and cardiac surgery;
  • andrology and urological therapy;
  • treatment of oncological pathologies, including recurrent cancer;
  • rehabilitation after surgeries.

The Clinic’s Achievements

Since its founding, many famous doctors have practiced and worked here, such as Sigmund Freud, Konrad Lorenzo, Robert Barany, and Karl von Frisch. The clinic continues to develop and implement the latest medical science achievements, and is ranked among the leading hospitals in Vienna and Austria each year:

  • the first kidney transplant was performed here back in 1987;
  • Wiener Privatklinik strictly observes the TQH standards;
  • the hospital has partnered with dozens of national and international hospitals and universities to provide the best possible care;
  • for each specific disease, a special scientific council meets to determine the best treatment strategy;
  • all hospital wards have been certified in nursing since 2003;
  • Wiener Privatklinik was one of the centers with the highest scores in the survey of insurance companies;
  • it received an ÖKOPROFIT award from the city, proving the clinic’s environmental credentials;
  • the hospital is accredited to ISO-9001:2015.

Benefits of Treatment at the Clinic

In contrast to many other medical institutions, Wiener Privatklinik is a day hospital, with the facilities and personnel to monitor the well-being of patients on a long-term basis. The clinic boasts modern operating theatres, computer, and magnetic resonance imaging equipment, and 145 comfortable rooms. You have the option of undergoing a number of procedures as an outpatient.

Other significant advantages of this health center include:

  • microsurgical and reconstructive methods used to restore nerve plexuses;
  • the hospital has its own Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Unit, with surgical reconstruction of the body and face.
  • focus on minimally invasive therapy for sports, domestic and occupational injuries;
  • the best Austrian oncologists involved to treat patients suffering from a variety of all-stage cancer types;
  • the hospital helps in the recovery of children and adolescents with malignant neoplasms in bone structures by means of prosthetics;
  • treatment arrangements for foreign patients.


Each unit’s staff are thoroughly vetted when they are hired, so, unsurprisingly, doctors and nurses are highly professional. There are over a hundred doctors, with the half employed in the Health Center. Particularly popular with foreign patients are Rehabilitating Physicians Dr. Hans Malus and Andreas Kainz, Prof. Ramazanali Ahmadi, and Michaela Albrecht, who is the Chief Physician of the clinic.

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