Ichilov Hospital, Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Tel Aviv, Israel

Quick response time

High demand among patients

  • 150 departments
  • 500 specialists
  • 25 000 surgeries per annum
  • 94 000 patients per annum

Clinic Overview

The organizational structure of the clinic includes the General hospital, a rehabilitation complex named after Ida Sourasky, a hospital for children “Dana” and the maternity hospital “Liss”. Collaborating with the Scheinborn School of Nursing and the Sackler Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tel Aviv, Ichilov is an educational and R&D hub.

The Ichilov Hospital has a capacity of 1050 beds and consists of 43 departments. Professor Ronni Gamzu is an Israeli doctor, former head of the Israeli Ministry of Health, and has been the director of Ichilov Hospital since 2015.

Clinic specializations

As a multidisciplinary hospital, Ichilov can offer patients a wide range of diagnostic and therapy services in the following areas:

  • dentistry and maxillofacial surgery;
  • urology and proctology;
  • obstetrical care and gynecology;
  • vascular and spinal surgery;
  • artificial insemination and genetics;
  • pulmonology and otolaryngology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • orthopedics and nephrology;
  • pediatric and adult cardiac surgery and cardiology;
  • oncology (here, they help patients with the most advanced forms of cancer);
  • dermatology and immunology;
  • geriatrics and gerontology;
  • aesthetic surgery;
  • psychiatry;
  • hepatology and hematology;
  • infectology;
  • gastroenterology and endocrinology.

Clinic’s achievements

Ichilov is one of the few hospitals that has received international JCI accreditation, having passed 1280 of 1300 assessment tests. The clinic is known as a leading center for international medical tourism, and no wonder that according to Newsweek magazine, Ichilov Hospital is among the TOP-10 most popular medical tourism institutions in the world.

The clinic can be judged by its statistics:

  • 150 outpatient clinics;
  • 40 thousand foreign patients annually;
  • over 94 thousand is the total number of patients;
  • more than 10.2 thousand deliveries per year in the maternity hospital “Liss”;
  • 180 thousand patients admitted to the emergency room;

Twenty-five thousand surgical interventions per year.

Advantages of treatment in the clinic

Arriving at the Sourasky Clinic for diagnostics, treatment, or rehabilitation, patients can count on:

  • opportunity to consult several profile specialists at once and choose a doctor at your discretion;
  • high-quality medical care at every step;
  • payment at the hospital cash desk and preliminary coordination of the services and medicines list with the attending physician;
  • drawing up an effective treatment plan, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism, type, and stage of the disease;
  • operating rooms and comfortable rooms equipped following international standards;
  • carrying out all the necessary diagnostic and treatment procedures at the place;
  • treatment with the latest generation techniques;
  • remote post-discharge counseling.

Врачи клиники

The medical center’s staff is a core value and a factor attracting patients from around the world. More than a hundred professors work here permanently, and 67 Ichilov physicians were included in the list of the best Israeli doctors, according to Forbes. The team has more than 6,400 employees, including 1,100 doctors and more than 1,700 specialized nurses.

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