Rambam Medical Center

Haifa, Israel

Average speed of response

Average level of demand

  • 1 000 beds
  • 6 labs,
  • 36 inpatient departments
  • 45 outpatient departments

The Rambam Clinic has been operating in the Bat Galim region for eighty years, constantly evolving and making every effort to meet the needs of patients and the requirements of international medical care standards.

Clinic Overview

The hospital was named after a medieval scholar Rambam (an acronym for Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon), and was built for the citizens of the northern part of the country. Later the clinic became international, and every year the number of medical tourists increases.

Essential information about the medical center:

  • when it comes to emergency care and rehabilitation Rambam turns out to be one the leading hospitals in the world;
  • the main building is designed for 972 patients;
  • the infrastructure of the hospital includes ten partner institutes, six modern laboratories, thirty auxiliary units, 36 inpatient departments, and 45 diagnostic and therapy departments;
  • children’s hospital “Mayer”, focused on children’s treatment, is a part of the multi-specialty hospital;
  • scientific research and clinical trials necessary for the training of doctors and paramedics are carried out based on the hospital.

Clinic specializations

The hospital has several priority directions, including IVF, cardiac surgery, urology, obstetrics and pediatrics, and plastic surgery. Also, there are special departments for bone marrow transplantation, prostate gland pathologies, and treating patients after a stroke. Among other activities of the Rambam Medical Center are otolaryngology, ophthalmology, oncology, psychiatry, and diagnostics departments with innovative equipment.

Achievements of the clinic:

  • close cooperation with Technion University, particularly with Rapoport’s medical faculty, as Rambam center serves as its research and clinical base;
  • over 75,000 inpatients per year;
  • 2.5 thousand cardiac catheterization procedures;
  • 52 thousand surgical interventions;
  • half a million outpatients;
  • 4.4 thousand babies delivered at the maternity hospital;
  • about one and a half thousand patients from other countries.

Advantages of treatment in the clinic:

  • high-tech equipment for diagnostics and therapy;
  • individual course of treatment developed for each patient;
  • care and daily comfort for patients and their families, surrounding them with attention;
  • the best professional specialists and careful nursing staff;
  • effective rehabilitation courses for patients after surgical interventions;
  • reasonable pricing and organizational assistance for foreign patients.

Clinic doctors

The Rambam Medical Center employs about 4.7 thousand people, including 1.2 thousand certified doctors of various specializations. Hospital patients can get a consultation with such well-known professors as Gil Bar-Sela, Rahamim Ben Yosef, Benjamin Brener, Rami Eliakim, Gil Bolotin, Sergei Postovsky, Miriam Ben-Harush, Yoram Kluger, Yehuda Ulman, Mahmoud Suleiman, Gil Sviri, etc.

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