Herzliya Medical Center

Herzliya, Israel

Average speed of response

Average level of demand

  • 550 specialists
  • 120 departments
  • 8 000 patients annually
  • 20 000 surgeries annually

Clinic Overview

Herzliya Medical Center has been operating since 1981 and is considered one of the best private medical institutions in Israel. The Center is the preferred choice for diplomats and employees from 64 embassies in Israel, consulates and UN agencies, athletes, and private patients from over 60 countries. Herzliya Medical Center is owned by Clalit Health Services (40%) and private individuals (60%). The clinic is located in Herzliya city on the Mediterranean coast, near Tel Aviv, allowing the patients to combine treatment, diagnostics, and seaside holidays.

Twenty thousand surgical interventions are performed there annually. More than 9 thousand babies have been born to couples with fertility problems and have been treated in IVF fertilization since the clinic’s opening. Dani Egel is the CEO, Mor Hanan is in charge of finances, and Dr. Eric Seaton is in charge of medical care.

The medical center’s structure consists of 4 outpatient clinics, specialized departments, a biochemical laboratory, and a center for instrumental diagnostics. Eight operating rooms are fully equipped with modern equipment, where lives are saved daily.

Clinic specializations:

  • cardiac surgery – open heart surgery, stenting, and bypass, heart valves replacement, carotid artery pathologies interventions;
  • catheterization – correction of various congenital pathologies and thrombosis treatment;
  • orthopedics and rehabilitation – recovery after severe injuries and other musculoskeletal system injuries;
  • reproduction, obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics;
  • proctology and urology;
  • genetics and IVF;
  • general surgery – doctors of the clinic remove hernias, treat hemorrhoids and gallbladder pathologies, etc., using advanced technologies;
  • plastic surgery and laser therapy;
  • neurology;
  • nephrology;
  • treatment of sexual disorders;
  • gastroenterology;
  • otolaryngology and ophthalmology.

Clinic’s achievements

Not stopping at the achieved results, Herzliya Medical Center continues to improve, enhancing the quality of services, expanding the range of services, and investing significant resources in developing new effective medications and treatment methods. It is important to note that Herzliya Medical Center is primarily a surgical center performing any unique surgery.

The main achievement of the hospital is thousands of cured patients from more than sixty countries. Robot Surgery is widely used to perform ever-more-precise invasive surgery, for example, Da Vinci surgical system. And innovative operating rooms have recently been equipped for cardiac catheterization.

Advantages of treatment in the clinic

There are many reasons why patients with various diagnoses choose Herzliya Medical Center:

  • reasonable cost and first-class quality of medical services;
  • a significant number of qualified personnel per patient;
  • cytogenetic laboratory and an X-ray diagnostic center;
  • prompt assistance and organizational support for foreign patients;
  • case manager services, helping to resolve any current issues quickly, even before arriving in Israel;
  • opportunity to choose a doctor based on personal preferences and diagnosis;
  • providing comfort, safety, and privacy to the patients;
  • remote post-discharge monitoring.

Clinic’s doctors

The Center employs about 550 doctors of various medical directions, from oncology and hematology to gastroenterology, neurology, and cosmetic surgery.

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